Arduino Workshop AY 2019/2020

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In Semester 1 of AY 2019/2020, IEEE NUS Chapter hosted an Arduino Workshop. Conducted by Dr. Rajesh Panickar, lecturer at NUS Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering, the workshop introduced the fundamentals of Arduino: its basics, concepts and applications in real life.

The participants were given their own set of Arduino boards and cables to keep, and along with Dr. Panickar’s thorough step by step teaching, they were able to master the basics of Arduino, its programming language and the hardware components.

Dr. Chua interacts with the participants of the workshop
Dr. Panicker passionately teaches the fundamentals of the Arduino board
Ricky, member of NUS IEEE, explains concepts to participants
Participants had hands on approach with their given Arduino boards
All done and dusted for the day!