32nd Executive Committees


    Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 13.33.03President (SEM 1)

    Sean Xu Shunjie 

    Electrical Engineering / Year 4

    President (SEM 2)Fix

    Anderson Ang                                                

    Electrical Engineering / Year 4 


                                   External Vice President

                           Xu YiJie                                                

                              Electrical Engineering / Year 3 

    Internal Vice PresidentWechatIMG1

    Li Shuai

    Business Administration / Year 3


    Image Not FoundSecretary

    Rachel Soh

    Civil Engineering / Year 3

    Image Not FoundTreasurer

    Zheng Zida

    Accoutancy / Year 3

    Image Not FoundBusiness Director

    Wu YuChen

    Business Administration / Year 3


    Image Not FoundExternal Project Director

    Xu Zi Yue, Julia 

    Electrical Engineering / Year 3

    Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.51.28Internal Project Director

    Darius He Xing

    Computer Engineering / Year 2

                     IT Director

                          Daniel Wong

                             Chemical Engineering / Year 3

    anand sundaram 90 90Pulication Director

    Cui YiFan

    Chemical Engineering / Year 2



    IEEE Club Advisors


     Assistant Professor

    Cheng-wei QIU

    Electrical and Computer Engineering



    Associate Professor 

     Prahlad Vadakkepat

     Electrical and Computer Engineering



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