Reinforcement Learning Webinar

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oct 16, 2020


Reinforcement Learning for Engineering Systems

“Reinforcement Learning for Engineering Systems” is a webinar hosted by the NUS IEEE Student branch that aims to equip interested students with introductory knowledge and stimulate a passion for further studies in their educational career. For this session, IEEE-NUS Student Branch invited a professor from the NUS ECE department, Prof. Tham Chen-Khong to share on the topic. The webinar kicked off with an introductory opening from a member of the NUS IEEE Branch, followed by Prof. Tham’s presentation, ending with an open-ended Q&A session. Prof. Tham shared on the topic of Reinforcement Learning and shared many interesting examples of how various companies and institutions are applying reinforcement learning in the fields of autonomous vehicles, robotics, manufacturing, and communication, and computing systems. The talk ended with an interactive Q&A session with the participants conducted via Pigeonhole where Prof. Tham answered students’ questions on machine learning techniques and how students can explore reinforcement learning.

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